A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting


A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting. New Orleans Collection. 9.12/6002-21 Image: Fredrik Nilsen

Contributed by: Pleasur'ne Thomas, Monique Dean, Tyjunaique McKenzie, Wynell Davis, LaShine Dickerson, Milissa Orzolek



A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting (2012+)


The archive is a growing collection of items contributed from places that may disappear owing to the combined physical, political, and economic impacts of climate change, including glacial melting, sea level rise, coastal erosion, and desertification. Through common but differentiated collections, contributed materials form an archive of the future anterior; what will have been. The materials in the archive mark the asymmetry of present or anticipated loss, standing in as proxies for the contributors' recognition of the geopolitical production (or spatial politics) of precarity and slow-onset dispossession. Together, the contributions form one material record among many, a collection of community-gathered evidence, a public record, and a midden.

The archive operates from the principle that any thing is equally valuable as a record of present or projected future disappearance of a place, as chosen by someone there. A contribution doesn't have to originate from that location - it can be anything that happens to be there, including detritus, flotsam or jetsam. As of 2016, the archive contains contributions from Anvers Island (Antarctica), Cape Verde, Greenland, Kivalina (Alaska), Nepal, New Orleans, New York City, Panama, Peru, Senegal, and Tuvalu.

A People's Archive invites contributors to an archive to be comprised of objects sent by people living in places where climate change is implicated in either current or future disappearance. More information about where to send contributions is at www.sinkingandmelting.org



1 CHOOSE an item

Any item is equally valuable as a record of a sinking or melting place, as contributed by someone who lives there. Your contribution can be something natural, manufactured, found, made, or discarded, including trash. It doesn't have to originate from that place–it can be anything that is there. Your contribution will be archived with the information you send about it and the location's UNFCCC Party Grouping (provided). 

2 FILL OUT the contribution form below and email it to: registrar (at) sinkingandmelting.org

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3 MAIL your contribution to:

A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting
c/o A.Balkin
2136 Fell Street - Apt. 301
San Francisco, CA
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4 ADD an interview (optional)

Please answer the below if you'd like to provide an interview to accompany the online archive and for possible publication:

Do you live where the object came from? If not, what is your relationship to that place?
What have you seen disappear, or expect to disappear, environmentally or otherwise? What do those disappearances mean? 
What's your relationship to the object(s) you contributed?
Why did you contribute to the archive? What do you hope for your contribution, and the archive generally, to change or draw attention to?



Jelena Adeli
Golnar Adili
Walter Brinkherhoff
Bill Burns
Jose Ramon Castelrau and his grandson
Vladimir Chuprov 
Adriane Colburn
Vreni Michelini Castillo
Laura Colomban
Wynell Davis
Monique Dean
Kevin Dunne
Steve Desroches
LaShine Dickerson
Rodrigo Garcia
John Graham
Ole Jørgen Hammeken
Michael Hampton
Tyler Henry
Sarah Kavanagh
Nandor Kovats 
Jesus Landin-Torrez III
Zoë Leonard
Sarah Lewison
Bertrand Lozay
Ali Macdonald
Tyjunaique McKenzie
Gerd Mörsch
Micaela Neus
Milissa Orzolek
Sandhya Parajuli 
Peter Peiser 
Sabine Reinecke
Melanie Roumiguière
Guadalupe Schneider
Leo Sexer
Christine Shearer
Marcel Sparmann 
Matt Swagler
Steve Sweet 
Monika Szilabi
Elizabeth T.
Pleasur'ne Thomas
Caroline Tripet
Evgeniy Usov



Cassie Thornton
Malte RoloffMalte Roloff (2012)
Olga Kopenkina (2014-15)