Reading the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change (2009)



While the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports are revealing documents about the current science and geopolitics of climate change, their length makes them unlikely to be consumed beyond specific readerships. Reading the IPCC… attempts to make these documents more public through a participatory public reading.

Self-volunteered readers took part in a 3-day attempt to read the entire third volume of the Fourth Assessment Report, the 800-page Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Over 50 volunteer readers participated in the reading, which took place in Manchester during Futuresonic 2009.

Kate Rich provided Feral Trade tea and coffee service as a counterpoint to the unforgiving jargon of the text, using managed hospitality and critical engagement to provide a meeting point where art audiences, climate activists and other citizens could interact and exchange. It is hoped to continue and complete the reading at a future date.

The Readers*

Sarah Irving
William Shaw
Mary Oliver
Beth Barlow
Brigid Benson
Jo Lewington
Suzannah Dixon
Dennis Hopkins
Helen Tandy
Dave Coleman
Marc Hudson
Kate Rich
Lydia Meryll
Drew Hemment
Jim Previtt
Richard Cowell
David Oppenheimer
Mary Geraldine Hooton
Ruth Catlow

*An incomplete list; get in touch if you'd like your name added



Kate Rich, Jo Lewington, Dennis Hopkins