IMAGE: David Cunningham



Sell Us Your Liberty, or We'll Subcontract Your Death (2008)



Sell Us Your Liberty or We'll Subcontract Your Death is a series of large-format lumber crayon rubbings of architectural signage of Northern California-based entities engaged in the everyday production of war. The title comes from a pseudonymous comment left on the Threat Level blog.

These rubbings document the sites of entities in the Bay Area involved in activities including military-industrial development and production, illegal surveillance, remote sensing, and war profiteering. Many of these organizations are located in business parks. This activity was inspired by AT&T technician Mark Klein's whistle-blowing on the collusion between AT&T and the NSA in warrantless domestic internet surveillance via data duplication and redirection in a secret room at 611 Folsom Streeet, San Francisco.




David Cunningham and Josh On